St.Lucian Rapper - Kayo: BAKARA Video

This ish right here is WICKED. Love it.

I always knew fellow St.Lucian and rapper, KAYO was destined for stardom. I even recollected the first time I heard him in this Endless Summer post dated, June 2009.

The St.Lucian rapper, Kayo recently switched his homebase from Halifax to Toronto, Canada and to mark his move to the city Drake dubbed "The 6," he's been releasing a new track on the 6th of every month as part of his 6ix Campaign. Well, the sixth installment has now arrived in the form of new cut "Bakara" and the video is below.

"Bakara" was produced by St.Lucian, Yogidaproducer (a.k.a. Johann Deterville), and was written and recorded in Yogi's hometown of Anse La Raye, St. Lucia. Not to be missed on this track is Yogi's older brother Infinate (Nathan Deterville). Infinate is soon to work on an EP release with his younger brother, Yogidaproducer. The song takes its name from the block, Bakara where the footage was filmed. (Source)

In addition, Kayo was kind enough to share the complete 6ix Campaign collection below the video.

Here's to flashback Friday
 2007, Kayo & I.
HA .. how much we've both changed!

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