Kayo - Endless Summer Video Shoot

The first time I heard Kayo was in 2006 at a Miss Universe/St.Lucia show. I was blown away, he did not sound Lucian.

I have since met him and downloaded his Caribbean Carter album. I fell in love with "Not You, It's Me," "Frozen," "Don't Wanna Talk" and "Tonight" ... And if music makes it to a CD in my car. Then it's rated, as in ... good! ... And Kayo has made it into my car. LOL!

Endless Summer is a new single, written and performed by Kayo (aka Caribbean Carter) from St. Lucia, Produced by Francis 'Leebo' Dilemma for Heights Music Inc. Composed by Jason Lovence. The Endless Summer video was currently shot in Halifax, Canada & Windjammer, St.Lucia.

If you visit Kayo MySpace page, he has many new singles. "One Kiss" is my next Kayo favorite! Listen to Caribbean Carter.

Behind the Scenes Of Endless Summer Video Shoot Day 1

Thanks for the pictures, Michelle.

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