Saint Lucian Youtuber: Jeanmeil Nestor

How Jack would've looked if he was drowning in a Sea of VIBES!

Over the summer, I came across this Youtuber.!

Instantly sucked into this carnival vlogger's world which kind of reminded me of Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie's reality show "The Simple Life," although nothing about this charming vlog is simple!There are major scene stealers such as 23 year old, Saint Lucian Youtuber Jeanmeil Nestor and his Day 1 - party girl, Petal. Despite the full energy of Jeanmeil and his friends, he is currently in his final year as a Chemistry major, studying in Barbados. So don't be alarmed when MOMMA-DUKES makes an appearance in his vlogs. It is heart-warming!

Whether carnival fetin', chatting in a car with friends, sailing the Caribbean seas or traveling with his mom, hilarity ensues! I'm soon to hit the big 4-0 but this takes me twenty years back while allowing me to tag along in 2017 with new, cool-ass friends in my head!

OHGVLOG allows you to experience his Caribbean Life, Love & Festivals. Not only is this vlog wonderfully edited, it's your fly on the wall experience into Caribbean style and fashion, the music,  the food and the people. And I'm here for all of it!

Enjoy ...

ADULT BEACH PARTY VLOG | St. Lucia Carnival 2017

HOOKED | CATAMARAN PARTY VLOG | St. Lucia Carnival 2017


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