Shoulder Body Language - Stay Close to People who Feel Like Sunlight!

"Stay close to people who feel like sunlight!" 

 My inner voice yells "RAYS!" as I read @Roseia's caption ... LOL. 

I love the sun so much that it was my first tattoo which I got at 18 years old when I was in college in Miami with my mom. Mommy got an ankle tattoo! LOL. (I now have 5 and want at least 3 more tats) 

Before I had children, I always said my daughter's name would be "Soleil - inspired by Soleil Moon Frye (despite never watching her then tv show) and St.Lucia's French influence. It made sense since "soleil" translated to "SUN". Yet I married a Hispanic and opted for "Sol" ... spanish for sun.

My daughter's name is Ava-Sol, please don't have me explain why I added "Ava" because that is another story. In addition, I did Languages for CXC - Caribbean Examinations Council - French and Spanish so I suppose I was more open to either translation for the word "sun". 

While thanks to this picture of @Roseia, I most noticed and love the shoulder exposure of both ladies. SHOULDERS have always been the part of a woman's body that I find most seductive. *Scorpio here!* So I want you to consider shoulder body language.

Roseia is a beauty and I add fine, sexy and down to earth soul. I happened to meet her on the streets of Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago one Carnival Tuesday, two years ago. While waiting in line for a bus to our carnival band Tribe, we were asked to take a few pictures together. Little did she know then, I was already a fan, thanks to Instagram.

Days later when departing the island at Piarco International Airport, we met up again. When we got to chatting, Roseia revealed that her mom lived in Saint Lucia (my island). I could not believe, I knew her mother from the time she first immigrated to our island from the continent of Africa. I may have been about seven years old. And like I told Roseia, I still bring my children to meet her mom on every trip when I return home. 

Instantly, Roseia and I connected and she introduced me to her stunning daughter. Here's the biggest and best reveal, Roseia's daughter is participating in Miss Universe Barbados 2017 ... so no secret who I am supporting, Mutamuliza Cutting!

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