The Great Debate: Stockings

I have followed the carnival stockings-wearing crowd ... to be part of the group and to be demure.  I have worn stockings that do not match my no-sun skin tone, knowing that a few hours in the sun, we will become one. LOL! I have worn stockings with 2 tones that look horrific.  I have battled with stocking crotches that are larger than my bikini bottoms.  I have worn stockings on Carnival Monday and totally scratched wearing them on Carnival Tuesday.  There is much simplicity in being stocking-less!

Most of my St.Lucian friends jump carnival without stockings.  I know my reasons for not wearing them.  I don't intend to roll on the road, I don't intend on wining on random strangers neither am I on an anti-tief-a-wine campaign!  I'm all for it!  I just prefer "NO STOCKINGS!"

If you're still undecided, this post "To Stockings or Not to Stockings?" by Saucy of Trinidad Carnival Diary is a great read, especially the comment section.

Here are a few places you can buy stockings/dance tights:

Pictures from a few of my carnival stockings 
(and stocking-less) journeys!

Trinidad Carnival 2005
The stockings initially did not match my skin tone. 
By lunch check out the run in the stockings.

Trinidad Carnival 2006
I was 2 months pregnant (just had to add that. LOL!) 
I am wearing Victoria's Secret stockings. 

I'd like to think I look the same, especially from behind! LOL!


  1. triblNo stockings.. whooooooohoooooo

  2. Well as a first time jumping, dimple thigh sporting, varicose veins suffering, posteriorally (*)weighted, middle aged prude....its gonna be tights for me!

  3. Nats ... you cracked me up! I doubt you're as bad as you let on! LOL!

  4. Stockings is always the way to go. They give a more finished look and speaking as a guy, I find women look much more sexier wearing stockings than going bare.

  5. I agree with SB...

    I too am a male, and straight up, one of the sexiest things a woman can do is wear nylons...whether we're talking knee-highs, pantyhose or stockings with garters...JUST DO IT! LOL