Damage to St.Lucia After Tomas

This PM, my brother updates me ...

"The highway bridges mash up; by Choc, San Soucis, the little bridges by Union Gap, Bois D'Orange just before Sunbilt collapsed.  So they are asking people to stay off the roads so Lucelec (electricity services) can work.  Gros Islet is cool from Bois D'Orange up. Just no electricity and water. Night time the place black out."

Here's the latest news ... from another friend.
"The Prime Minister is back on the island, returning from Barbados.  He says tomorrow is a holiday. Since it will be a public holiday, banks will be closed.  Since there is no electricity, ATMs are not working, with banks being closed.  Banks, at least have generators. St.Lucians are unable to get cash for another day.  With no cash in hand, people cannot buy gas, food, water.  There has been no sign of road repair crews.  Cable & Wireless is down and not working.  Digicel is working. Helen FM is back on the air. Landlines are working but cell phones are now going dead and can't be charged due to no electricity.  Other radio stations are down, including Radio Saint Lucia which was the only station on air during most part of the hurricane yesterday. The government prior to this hurricane did not warn St.Lucians about the severity of Tomas, or to prepare by getting food, cash, gas. Generally people were told there would be a lot of rain."

"Candles blown off, shadow puppet show done! Electricity is back on!! :-))" - I am not certain if that's island wide or just in her area.

From these pictures the Castries / Gros Islet Highway is impassable!

The bridge by Galaxy and Sunbilt, in Bois D'Orange (during)

Bois D'Orange Bridge (after)

Bois D'Orange

Choc Bridge

Choc Bridge

Cul De Sac
 Dowtown Castries

  Vieux Fort

If you have pictures you would like to share, please email TheSweet7@gmail.com.  Family and friends, St.Lucians such as myself abroad would like to see the damage from Tomas.


  1. Thank you for posting the pictures, we live in Canada but have family in St. Lucia and all are safe but we are concerned about everyone in St. Lucia. Keep posting and keeping all of us abroad up to date. Thank you!


  3. Most welcome . I feel it is my duty. ...And truly the only way I can assist at this time.

  4. This makes me so sad. My husband and I got married here and were planning a trip back to the island this coming August. We will pray for all of the great people of St Lucia. Does anyone know of trouble in Rodney Bay? Thank you for posting these pictures. We look forward to helping out in any way we can.

  5. Thanks for this. We were supposed to fly to St. Lucia on Sunday with Air Canada Vacations for a wedding on the island this Friday. We waited at the airport for 5 hours on Sunday being told next to nothing. Then everything was cancelled and we were told we would be flying out Monday morning. Back at the airport for 7am and given the run around until around noon, when they said everything was cancelled for another day and to return this morning. It's like Groundhog Day at Air Canada!!!! After seeing and reading this, I realize there is no way anyone is getting on or off the island for some time and yet A/C is telling us to come back tomorrow. Hello!!!! I am in that bureaucratic runaround now trying to get a refund as the wedding cannot take place this Friday because the bride and groom cannot meet the 5-day residency requirement. Instead of a wonderful week at Sandals, it is a nightmare.


  6. Thanks Kathy. I'm glad you chose St.Lucia as your wedding destination. I live minutes from the Rodney Bay area ... and that entire area seems to have held up. Life has returned to normal. The areas badly battered by Tomas were in the South of island, particlarly the town of Soufriere, home of The Pitons. The town has been washed away and buried! Lives have been lost, we are yet to know those final numbers! Here is video: of the damage: http://www.thesweet7.com/2010/11/bomb-aerial-view-of-damage-from-tomas.html

    For more info and updates, follow: http://www.thesweet7.com/search/label/st.lucia

  7. I am so sorry Lynda ... my heart breaks, especially since you chose our island! Thank you. At this time, the island is in disarray .. roads are badly damaged and impassable! There has been loss of lives and people are missing. Particularly, the town of Soufriere ... home of The Pitons!

    Hence the reason, I am trying to get info out any which way I can! My heart breaks for my island and people!

  8. It's so unfortunate what has happened in SLU. We've gotten so far as an Island and just months before our great Independence celebration this destruction occurs. I believe the strength of us, the builders of this great nation, depends on how tightly we can bind and how long we can endure. It's so sad...
    On another note, I don't believe it is worthy to blame anyone for the damage that was caused. Really, what major preparations could have been made to prevent this? Who could of anticipated such devastation? Let's not forget that Tomas started as a Tropical Storm, it just quickly developed, which no meterological instrument could have predicted. Being a SLUian myself, i can testify to downplayin previous hurricane warnings. Like Dawn French, NEMO executive once said in a news interveiw, SLUians like to believe they are immune to natural disasters. This is just a hard lesson we HAD to learn. Let's learn from our shortcomings and quit pointing fingers.

  9. Not pointing fingers ... but it is fact, St.Lucians were not adequately informed!

  10. Thanks for all the photos and updates, such little news here in the UK. Like Lynda we were due to fly to St Lucia on the 31st, but for a long awaited family holiday. Spent 2 days at the airport and very disappointed we couldn't go. Extremely sad for the St Lucians we met who couldn't get home. My heart goes out to you all.

    Luckily have rescheduled our trip for next Feb :o) Meantime, what can we do to help?

  11. I'm sorry that you too had to change your travel plans to our beautiful island. You've brought a smile to my face, grateful that you've decided to postpone your trip to our island till February. This is so encouraging.

    If you would like to assist, you may send donations to the St. Lucia Red Cross:

    Donations to help St Lucia can be made to the following accounts held by:
    St Lucia Red Cross - First Caribbean International Bank (FCIB)
    Bridge Street
    A/C #2645392 swift code FCIBLCLC
    if you also need other codes are BOFAUS3N, ABA # 026009593
    Those of you who bank with FCIB and have online banking, donations can be made online.

    St.Lucians on the island ...
    If you were not affected too badly by Hurricane Tomas, please donate food, water, clothing and any other basic essentials. These items will be transported by boats to the south of the island:
    Gros Islet
    Call: 1.758.287.6244 for further details

    ST.LUCIA RED CROSS: http://www.ifrc.org/address/lc.asp

  12. Iwas at St Lucia back in July. Meet a guy that lived at the drive thru volcano. His name is kennedy, he has a touring company. He lived there with his mom that is a farmer. States that Soufirere(sp?) was hit hard. Does anyone know him???? if so, are him and his mom ok???
    What a beautiful island St. Lucia is