Whoopi Goldberg & Joy Behar Walk Out On Bill O’Reilly!

I have loved The View for over a decade. So I've been there for most of the on-air cat fights among the ladies.  I know the ladies, like back of my hand; tones, facial expressions, etc. I'm even aware when camera men focus else where. 'Though I've recently slacked off from watching the show daily.  

Joy is like the aunt, I wish I had, who never seems to bite her tongue. Barbara always felt like a grandmother who turned b*tch during the Star Jones saga, and when her memoir 'Audition' hit bookstores and tidbits were revealed on the show, she turned into the really dirty old lady behind closed doors. Elizabeth love her fashion sense but hate her common sense, just too religious and conservative for my tastes! Sherri has not rubbed me the wrong way .. other than I think she's way too top heavy. Whoopi, shares the same birthday with me, November 13. So that says a lot right there. ... And I loved her comment yesterday, "I have emotional affairs with everybody!" which I agree too. My most notable Whoopi memory was in my last year of high school, like the last day too and I ran away from school to go watch 'Oda Mae Brown,' Whoopi's character in the movie, Ghost. Well when I got home, I might as well been dead! LOL!

I love the show so much that I have gotten tickets three times to go to a live taping.  And the one time, I opted to go was for my birthday in 2001, months after September 11 (9/11).  Delved in my memory was that enormous gaping hole and the cross which remained from the fallen World Trade Center buildings.  

So today when hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar walked off the set of TV’s The View after a shouting match with conservative commentator Bill O’Reilly about the planned mosque near the site of the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York, I'm not sure exactly how I feel.  

Fox News host O’Reilly asserted that "the planned Muslim mosque near the World Trade Centre site is inappropriate because Muslims killed us on 9/11.″ I certainly don't think that is a fair statement to blame an entire community of people.  Yet, I do think it insensitive to build a mosque near the site.

Tempers flared ... check it out!

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