My Favorite MIAMI 2010 Carnival Fete: BLOCK-O

Carnival Friday
Miami 2010 Carnival Fete

When I saw the venue, Bayside Hut, I was unimpressed.  You see, I remember Bayside Hut, Key Biscayne ... in my college days, I used to party there on weekends, those were the coming up days of DJ Khaled. And like its name, it was a straw roof hut, open air venue! Nothing fancy! Fast forward, almost 15 years later, my expectations and tastes are a bit finer, so this venue had me like "Hmm!"

Only positive about this venue at the time was it was in Miami-Dade, not Broward county. Near Downtown Miami and The Beaches. Less of a drive to and from my in-laws' home and friends' hotels.  

I've also come to the realization during carnival fetes, no matter the location, I prefer DJ fetes than stage performances. Simply, how many more times do I need to see Machel Montano or Bunji Garlin and his wife Faye Ann Lyons or Destra in one year, year after year ... you get me?  I tired!  

I've been called a 'stoosh' party goer, the social type.  I am not the shorts pants, t-shirt and sneakers wearing, flag waving, standing in front the stage type but I am the heel wearing, put on a dress if I care to, drink plenty, meet and greet, and then get into some sort of bacchanal type. ... And truly I don't care for a stage performer or artist to dictate my pace.  

So when I saw that Kes The Band was performing ... 'though I like Kes in a music video, I really did not care to see him on stage, in a live performance.  Been there, done that also!

Ticket Price $50 - FREE DRINKS!!!!!! 
with the option to buy Premium Drinks for $5
Premium: JW Black, Hennessy and Grey Goose. 
Hmm. One time, I knew "I'm capable of drinking my $50 worth!"

When we arrived about 11:30PM, the line was flippin' long, it took about half an hour till we got inside the fete. Yet, I have to admit, I have never stood in line, outside a fete, sober and have a desire to start dancing right then and there. The sound system and the DJs were already killin' it! I was itching to get to the bar, to get the party started. 'Cause I felt some sort of energy, and as we walked up to the bar,"tonight's gonna be a good night!" started to play.

At first glance, I thought I was back in college and also going to a chutney fete, so I was a lil' concerned ... thinking these lil' young ones better behave and handle their liquor right! Relieved though, 'cause I saw uniformed Miami-Dade cops, so I felt a sense of security.  When I fete, I want to feel secure too!

Yes, it was at Bayside Hut but not under the hut, they had sectioned off the old car park ... and that was the limin' (hang out) spot, with the option to hangout out under the hut! I walked through, when going to the bathrooms.    

Correction - 'cause I party enough, this probably ranks as top 3 fetes in my life

Service at the bar on point ... no wait & no limit!

The DJs & Sound System were on point. They played every genre of music and the quality of the sound system .. to die for, well really to MOVE FOR. Soca, Dancehall, Reggae, Techno, Pop ... enough of each, not forgetting it was a carnival fete!  They even played 'Stereo Love,' ... oye, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven in a carnival fete!  They were true to their diverse audience and Miami party life!

This fete left me with two memories ... 
When Far East Movement's 'G6' came on ... all my friends and other ladies around me just hit the floor, bottoms were 2 inches off the ground while wearing heels.  It's amazing not a picture to prove, just that one visual in my head.  It was crazy! Sexy!  HOT!  OMG .. like a friend said, everytime she hears that song, "I get goosebumps!" 

Then my Lucian-Boston friend and carnival virgin before Miami Carnival, Lisa and her Boston friend, Charles, another newbie to carnival culture ... PALANCED! OMG!  We PALANCED out of the fete.  Like seriously .. I flung my hand and my watch flew off, I began to search in the dark, 'cause no way was I leaving that watch behind.  

The proof is in the pictures!
Close that annoying SuperPoke Pets.
My Indian college friend, and friend for 15 years who introduced me to Trini Carnival ... popping my carnival cherry!  Then my Lucian- Boston friend ... black like me, we've been friends from the age of 5.  This was her first carnival experience.  No longer a carnival virgin! It was on this trip, I realized and thanked God, for these life long friendships. .. And the white, German-Lucian ... ohhh, she's a carnival junkie, like me! Life is too short, and when you can enjoy someone else's energy and spirit without any issues.  What more can one ask for?  And to think I introduced Lisa and Alisha and we all went to Dubai a few years ago to celebrate my birthday  ... it's wonderful to think, they will have long time friendships too! And after this Miami trip ... poor Nina!  We've now dubbed ourselves, the G6s. LMAO. 

Click here for more BLOCK-O Fete pictures

Here's what my friends had to say:

Nina: I loved the fact that drinks were easy accessible, plenty bartenders behind the counter who served generous amounts and even two drinks for one person each time. I loved the mix of music and the volume and quality of sound. I didn't like the non-moving queue outside, should have been organized better since people kept on squeezing in from the side. All in all best jam during Miami Carnival. Oh and I forgot:
Poppin bottles in the ice, like a blizzard
When we drink we do it right gettin slizzard
Sippin sizzurp in my ride, like Three 6
Now I'm feelin so fly like a G6
Like a G6, Like a G6
Now I'm feelin so fly like a G6

Lisa: I concur.... I have pics up, please feel free to tag yourselves. I have 350 more to put up but FB keeps freezing when I try to upload later :(

Jason: A very diverse crowd. Never had to wait for drinks. They pour the shots into the cups in advance that way they just have to add the ice and chaser. GOOD FRIENDS. Damnit I didn't want to be the one to say it but the women were looking SWEEET SWEET SWEET. Great music. The worst part, played palance at least 6 times for the night.

Best part ... The drinks! No line. no waiting. I was able to leave the bar with six drinks at a time. I would have taken more but my hands could not accommodate more because the cups were not small. Also, the music sound was excellent. Worst part: The waiting in line to get in!! Maybe 45min to an hour. Not good!

At first, I didn't think it would be anything special. At least, not from the parking lot. Then as the night went on, it turned out to be great! Loved the ambience and the music! But being in good company is what made it memorable.

...And seriously other promoters, if BLOCK-O can give me a fete for $50 
... 'nuff drinks and good music! You now leave a lot to be desired! 

If I hear of a BLOCK-O fete tomorrow, believe I'll do everything to be there,
a pity I have to wait till 2011, but I'll be there!

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