Kanye West 'RunAway' Interview

I have called him an ASS but love him or hate him, Kanye West is a GENIUS.

I shared the Kanye West 'RUNAWAY' film here on Saturday evening as soon as I got my hands, without even seeing it.  

The moment I saw his 35 minute film, I was in awe. I felt like I have so much more love to give. My breath was taken away.

I was reminded of tormented love, reminding me of my teens, and even had flashbacks of the 1996 movie, 'Romeo & Juliet' with  Claire Danes and Leonard DiCaprio. I was reminded of my favorite group of all time, PM Dawn too.  That feeling of heavenly and euphoric bliss, 'cause of the music. Truly, an out of body and thought provoking experience.  It is both visually and auditory creative. Years from now, this film will be the Michael Jackson 'Thriller' of its time.

In 35 minutes, Kanye has basically allowed each of us to decide which song we most relate to.  ... And though, I already have a few tracks on replay, I fell in love with his track with Rihanna, 'All of The Lights.'  Not even, 'cause of the music but visually that scene, made me feel like a child. The innocence ... in Selita's expressions seeing the fireworks. Also reminding me of the fireworks scene in 'Romeo and Juliet.' OMG, to die for.   And the lyrics, I felt like I had never seen the lights before myself ... 

I want you to see everything. 
I want you to see all of the lights
Fast cars, shooting stars. 
If you want it, you can get it for the rest of your life!


So Kanye is no longer the ASS, for me at least,
I now see his GENIUS!

Video 1 struck me, when he said, "People are untrue about their own ideas, so they are very intimidated by people who are overly true about theirs!"

I can't recall when last I bought an album, but this one I am buying.
... And time to question, the status quo!

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