Reasons to Visit St.Lucia

... there's also BA Trinidad campaign too, I saw it last year or so!

... And if the above, still has not tempted you, I must share this video, "St.Lucia Carnival 2011 Happy Christmas" from IainandSian. A friend sent me this video a few months ago. 

This couple did not forget to wish their St.Lucian friends a very Merry Christmas, dancing and singing along to St.Lucian 2010 carnival tunes, "Bumpa Sticker", "Pas Mele", "De Fence" and others.  You can't miss Iain's "GREEN FIGS & SALT FISH PIE,  FULLY CHARGED" t-shirt. Green bananas and salt fish is St.Lucia's national dish. ... And toting a bottle of local Chairman's Reserve rum.  They did not forget to shout out St.Lucian artist, Alpha and even XS Energy carnival band.  And the two own a Lucian flag bigger than I'll ever own!  We even got a glimpse of their St.Lucian pictures with locals.  

The two totally deserve St.Lucians passports ... LMAO.

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