Lisa Alcantara - LA Faces - Toronto M.U.A

Months in advance of an upcoming family friend's wedding, my cousin and I decided that we would spoil ourselves, go all out for the event and get our makeup professionally done.

Thankfully, I was familiar with Toronto-based, Trini native and professional M.U.A, Lisa Alcantara.

Long before, I jumped with Toronto carnival band, Carnival Nationz, it was always worth visiting the official band site just to see the carnival makeup. 

Lisa has been doing Carnival Nationz band launch makeup since 2007. ... And thanks to that, I have since known her. See her work here: LA Faces - Caribana Makeup.

So last weekend, for my very first professional makeup session, it could not have gotten any better, than sharing the moment with my cousin, even my daughter and professional M.U.A, Lisa Alcantara. Of course, my husband eventually joined us after chowing down on some buffalo wings, we needed him to take pictures.  LOL!

Lisa made it convenient too, she arrived at our hotel to doll us up, between the wedding ceremony and the reception. For the first time ... I got to chat with Lisa, other than the usual 'hello' when we spot each other on our carnival travels. So don't be shy, just call Lisa for any occasion, lashes included.  ... And she will certainly leave you feeling, DIVA-LICIOUS. LOL!

Lisa Alcantara
T: 416.786.6568

My cousin ...

Just hanging around, observing and chatting ... 

My turn, my turn ...

... and then Lisa was kind enough to offer to glam up my lil' one.
She ran into that chair so quickly!
I teased, I could hear her grandpa saying, "Don't get like your mother or grandmother!"  LMAO

... And here's where I do my 'Beyonce-reveal' 
Believe me, I had my dress before her big reveal. I called my cousin so vex when I saw hers.  LMAO.


  1. ...are we preggers?...congratulations!

  2. You ladies look beautiful! And that green dress, Ny... wow!!!

  3. Thanks Pasey ... we owe it all to Lisa! LOL! We woke up still glamalicious. LOL!

  4. oooh Nyree!!!! I love, love this!!! Thank you so was my pleasure....til we meet again.... :))

    Diva-licious indeed!!!!

  5. Ny, pregnancy becomes you!! You look absolutely gorgeous & glowing. Congrats once again :).

  6. awwwww!!! CONGRATS!!!!!