"Butterflies & Flowers" Cupcakes

Hours away, from celebrating my daughter's fifth birthday. How time flies. She is enjoying her last night as a four old, on a dinner selection of pizza and the unthinkable, her very own can of coca-cola. We don't give her soda (soft drinks). She just asked me if she could refill her glass with the balance in the 90 calorie can. LOL.

Below are the cupcakes, I baked and decorated for her classmates. She wanted butterflies, and I found that tedious, so I decided to speed up the process by doing flowers too. Twenty eight cupcakes (actually baked 4 dozen ... won't say how many I ate) and not one was like the other. When I remember the cupcakes I made for her first birthday, I've since come a very long way.

Ahh, pure joy to spend a lunch hour in a cafeteria with school-age kids again. I used to sub in my husband's old middle school in Miami. Sitting side by side with my lil' one and her new kindergarten friends. Like any kid, they wanted to skip lunch and eat cupcakes, but the teacher and I knew better. After having to coax a lil' girl to eat a lil' more of her grilled cheese sandwich with "no lunch, no cupcake!" The teacher allowed each child to pick out their cupcake, since no one cupcake was alike. Even that was a spectacle ... quite easy for some to grab, while others spent seconds deciding on a favorite.  

Smiles. Chocolate-dirty mouths. Finger licking. Each had a technique to finishing off their cupcake. Some attacked the frosting first, others slowly bit, took a look, bit again. The boys ... were boys.  The girls ... dainty eaters.  Too cute!  

Ever more surprising, lunch time was finishing up, when I got up to leave my daughter was happy but I got a "thank you for the cupcakes" from a lil' boy in her class.  ... And that made every minute spent on making them even more worth it. Tears, and the thought ... "Ahhh, I'm really someone's mummy."

Picture of cupcakes from her first birthday!

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