Mayweather goes in on HBO's Larry Merchant (Video)

I hate sports but it's no secret I LOVE BOXING! Thanks to an old boyfriend ... the days of Prince Naseem Hamed and his boxing ring entrance antics. The sport, 'though brutal is short and sweet! 

I too have come to love the HBO commentator team, particularly Larry Merchant. And strangely, I think of, "what's to happen when the commentator passes on?" Larry Merchant is well known for his post fight interviews which feature his hard hitting, blunt questions and confrontational interview style. So it's become a question of who hasn't clashed with Larry? LOL. 

Anyway it's no secret I am not a fan of Floyd "Mr.Pretty Boy" "Money" Mayweather Jr. who fought Victor Ortiz, in a HBO pay-per-view fight last night. Obviously, we knew who would win. Mayweather. 'Though it's about time Mayweather MAN UP and fight Manny "Pac-Man" Pacquiao.  Pacquiao would mutilate him.

So imagine my disdain for Mayweather Jr., after last night's fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Victor Ortiz, then Mayweather disrespects my Larry during the post-fight interview. Check out Merchant's reaction.

Also Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Victor Ortiz - Last Round & Post-Fight 

I just can't stand flippin' Mayweather Jr. ... what a punk (more like pussy)!
Let the lil' idiot take on Pacquiao ... so Manny can mutilate his ass!

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