St.Lucia ... ALL IN A WEEK! What's Wrong With You?

St.Lucian 'HEADLINES,' all in just this one week ... 
SMH. At this rate, soon enough our lil' island will get black listed. No more US VISAs!

But truth of the matter, like a friend posted today, 
"mi rather stay poor, than go jail trying to get rich!!!!"

but it begs the question ... 
where is the government (active & opposition) ... the church, the parents, the schools?  

Housing Minister Richard Frederick Resigns Due to US Diplomatic & Travel VISA Revocation 

St.Lucian Police Detain One in Major Probe ... and though they hide the face, Lucia is small, it's no secret whose home it is. 

JetBlue passenger to NYC from St.Lucia busted after authorities find handwritten notes titled 'Confession of the Mule' and Carries 23 Pellets of Cocaine in a Sock in his groin area, then passes another 18 more pellets.  ... And another mule on the same flight was arrested and she passed 8 pellets!

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