My Fascination with Serena Williams

I just can't seem to get enough of Serena Williams, from what used to be ungroomed eyebrows and loud hair to now the crazy ("what was she thinking?") outfits she graces us with on tennis courts to the itsy-bitsy-teeny bikinis she flaunts on South Beach, hearing about her diva persona (from a past visit to St.Lucia to an encounter my hubby had with her, not too long ago), the so-called "IT GIRL" crew (Kim K, LaLa Vasquez, Ciara, Kelly Rowland) she associates with - no clue what they're famous for, the interesting men who have been associated with her (Common, now Drake!)

.... I am dead serious, I AM SO FASCINATED!

So last week, Serena's full split during a tennis match, left me gawking!

... And now today, I come across her dancin' to Bottom's Up by Trey Songz. 
Once again I'm gawking, simply in awe.

Just totally fascinated ... waiting for whatever is next!

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