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Ever since Halle Berry and Denzel Washington won the Oscar for their performances in 'Monster's Ball' and 'Training Day' respectively, we've started an annual tradition. Every year once the nominations are announced, we quickly attempt to watch the nominated movies for Oscar. I especially try to see all the movies in the 'Best Motion Picture of the Year', 'Actor in a Leading Role', 'Actor in a Supporting Role', 'Actress in a Leading Role' & 'Actress in a Supporting Role'. Although this year I have not seen as many movies as I would have liked. These are a few I enjoyed:


Several interwoven storylines unfold across four countries as difficulties in communication and understanding complicate life in the shrinking global village. A Moroccan shepherd, a pair of American tourists, a deaf Japanese teenager, and a Mexican nanny and her two young American charges are among the characters whose lives connect in unexpected ways.

"Just imagine, if you were in any of their shoes! What would you do?"

The Devil Wears Prada

When idealistic journalism major Andy Sachs lands a job as an assistant to fashion magazine editor Miranda Priestly, she is soon struggling to cope with both the high-pressure demands of the critical Priestly and her colleagues' open disdain for her own lack of style and fashion sense.

"What a bitch! Wonderful performance by Meryl Streep".

Little Miss Sunshine

Seven-year-old Olive dreams of winning a children's beauty pageant and convinces her family to drive her from their home in New Mexico to California for the Little Miss Sunshine competition. Along for the ride are Olive's father, a failed motivational speaker, her heroin-addicted grandfather, silent brother, suicidal uncle, and her increasingly frustrated mother.

"Talk about a crazy family!"


In India in 1938, eight-year-old Chuyia--a child bride--learns she is now a widow. Taken from her parents, Chuyia is sent to live for the remainder of her life in a widow's ashram run by the greedy, tyrannical Madhumati. There, she is befriended by the beautiful Kalyani, a young widow who is shunned by the other women and forced by Madhumati to work as a prostitute.

"I would hate for my daughter to live under such strict cultural/religious rules!"

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