If You Can't Buy It, Rent It

Rental companies benefit because they “make luxury more affordable."

The following businesses cater to two basic types of consumers:
1. A luxury-trend tracker: aspirational buyers trading up to a product or lifestyle they cannot afford
2. Consumers who can afford to buy but want more choices. 

Bling Yourself
Borrow your bling and shine like the stars at the red carpet event or any other special occasion! Pamper yourself or your better half with endless luxury jewelry rental by purchasing a gift voucher or rent watches, rent accessories and rent jewelry.

From Bags to Riches
An alternative to buying designer handbags.

Bag Borrow or Steal
Why should women have to endure the emotional and financial sacrifices that accompany the endless search for the "right" accessory for every event, wedding, and dinner party? Why should celebrities, fashion editors, and socialites be the only ones allowed to borrow fashion accessories? Why not give everyone access to the perfect accoutrement for every occasion?

FYI: Show off your Character. Bag Borrow or Steal has a collection of handbags and jewelry inspired by Sex and the City.

Fendi Vintage Lucite Clutch - CARRIE

Lulu Guinness Stripe 'Stella' - CHARLOTTE

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