Sheldon Gilbert: Start-up CEO

I never knew of Sheldon Gilbert until today. Thanks to an email my mom sent me, informing me of an article about him in the December/January issue of Men's Vogue. "They even put a picture of his St. Lucian passport among his "Scientific Tools" (which more looks like his favorite things) in the article," she wrote.

Not only is he a smart and savvy, 32 year old native of St.Lucia,
... he's easy on the eyes! 
And yes, ladies, it looks like he's single too!
Sheldon Gilbert, is founder and CEO of the tech start-up Proclivity Systems (formerly Gilbert Systems). Proclivity Systems is privately owned and almost two years old with 10 full-time employees, nearly all of them software engineers. Proclivity Systems helps clients with their e-commerce businesses predicting the future with alarming accuracy. His predictive engine, predicts and analyzes the data left behind from a customer's interaction on a website - when a customer will buy something and for how much.

Barneys New York is one of his clients.

Sheldon (seen here on the left) spent the latter part of his childhood in New York City. He attended the private school of Horace Mann after graduating from Prep for Prep. He wanted to be a physician, graduating from Yale with a degree in Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics and conducting research at leading biomedical institutes in the Northeast and abroad in Brazil. Immediately after Yale, he served as a White House Summer Intern before returning to New York and spent two years conducting biomedical research at The Rockefeller University and Cornell University Medical Center. All along without ever having taken a computer course.

In the late nineties, he joined a couple of his friends from Yale who were starting a dot-com, which he joined as a consultant. The company went bust, like so many others but Sheldon did learn how e-commerce transactions worked. He also picked up computer programming by teaching it to himself after work each night.

In recent years, Sheldon became involved as one of the founding teachers of the I-LEAD program where he and his counterpart from MIT, Bradley Pitts, developed a multidisciplinary and interactive science course, BIO-Pod Racing, which entailed the creative application of various concepts in biochemistry and physics into a final project that was featured and defended a final team competition. While no longer serving as an instructor, Sheldon has remained involved with I-LEAD as a mentor, tutor, and, more actively, as the liaison that established the partnership with another program which has been a major force in his life,
The U.S. Experiment in International Living, headquarters is in Brattleboro, Vermont. After receiving an outbound ambassador scholarship to live and study abroad in Ascoli Piceno, Italy during high school from the celebrated cross-cultural exchange program of World Learning, Sheldon has served as a three-time group leader to Italy and remains a very active spokesman for the Outbound Ambassador scholarship component.

He is most appreciative that he has been given the chance to share his rich and expansive view of the world with his students whether it be in his lectures about electrophysiology of bioluminescent marine life or cultural immersion programs in Ecuador, Australia, and Japan.

Later Gilbert took a job as director of business intelligence at the online fashion retailer It was there that the idea for Proclivity began to come to him. Realizing he had something big on his hands, he left his job, deferred enrollment in New York University's graduate program in computational genomics, and, in the bedroom of his Harlem loft, spent a year writing the algorithm ("architecting information" is how he describes it) that is now the patent-pending basis for Proclivity.

Men's Vogue article on Sheldon Gilbert

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  1. Good article Nyree...I like the fact that as a Lucian you put what other Lucians do. His name is not a familiar one at all, but I must say I am proud of him and all his accomplishments, not for only being young but for being a LUCIAN!!!