The New Look: Fierce!

The Sweet 7 has a new look for 2009.

On December 5th, in my post "The Pixie Crop or Cropped Bob?" I revealed my interest in cutting my hair. ...And I did exactly that 2 days before the start of 2009!  Before the grand chop, my hair was last texturized in May 2008. 

What is a texturizer?
It's basically a mild relaxer that loosens the natural curl pattern of the hair and produces easier manageability. What's different from a texturizer and a relaxer is the texturizer (or mild relaxer) is left on the hair for a very short time. It is not combed throughout the hair to avoid the hair from becoming straight.

Between May and December my hair grew out naturally from the roots again.  The day I chopped my hair, it was texturized again, left in for sometime, cut and blow-dried for the new look.  When I wet my hair today, I should get a whole other look ... back to my curly look.  I am assuming a much shorter and radical look!  LOL!

If want to get an idea of my hair in 2008, here's a chance to look back, "Natural, Curly or Short Haired Girls"

June 2008

December 30th, 2008