Shayne Ross' New Single

Shayne Ross is sharing a snippet of his next single, 
"In Love With You." 
"This track is for all those who know how it feels to be in a tizzy over someone. This is just a snippet, the track is being mixed even as you read this and you'll be the first to know the release date. So check it out...drop me a line and lemme know what you think. On Valentines Day I'm gonna put the full final cut on my website for free download so you can send it to that someone you love." (Shayne)

Check out the snippet here:

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  1. really nice song i honestly thought was John Legend singing there when i first heard it on the wave...........coming from someone who thinks lucian artists always tries to imitate someone..but that one was rellll big for st.lucia.....try making a video quick quick quick for Vh1....going GLOBAL 2K9