Asha's Faux-Hawk

A lot is revealed about a person on Facebook! And daily my friends tantalize me with their vacation, fete (parties) pictures to their serene and quiet moments.

Moreso, there are just some people who just seem to spark my interest ... I can't wait to see what they are up to next, 'cause they simply sizzle and dazzle!

So this picture of Asha at a wedding was very fab! Apart from her peachy blush, confident smile, I instantly was in love with her hair! ... And you know me, I hit up Asha, wanting to know a lil' more about it.

What inspired you to cut/style your hair this way?
Change inspired me! Nothing else. I had been wearing my hair in a big 'fro for a couple of years and loved it but grew tired of the time it took to get it looking right. I absolutely love change and had worn my hair short for years before so I was not AT ALL apprehensive about cutting it. The only thing that is an absolute 'no-no' for me are chemicals. I embrace my natural curls all de way!

So, I went to my hairstylist and said, "Chop it!" He was wonderful and replied, "Okay! Can I give you a faux-hawk?"... and I told him, "Of course! Do anything you want!" He is amazing and I completely trust him.

About 20 minutes later, I left the salon feeling like a milllion bucks!

Which products do you use & how do maintain your hair?
I consider myself low-maintenance when it comes to hair ... another reason why I chose to remain natural for the last 17 years.

Everyday, in the shower I condition my hair with Pantene Hydrating Curls. This stuff is amazing and very affordable. I think moisturization is everything so this is easily my MUST HAVE product. The one that I use is specifically for curly hair. The bottle reads, "Pantene pro-V" (at the top) and then about midway down the bottle it should simply read, "CURLS". I get it at any drug store, like Shoppers Drug Mart, if you're in Canada like me :)

For styling I use a leave-in conditioner that my stylist recommended by a brand named Perfecta. A little goes a long way. A 'dollop' is all I need. The leave-in conditioner that I use is called Perfecta (the brand) Hair Mask and Leave-In Conditioner. This was recommended by my stylist and unfortunatley, I have found that it is not so readily available. I stock up on this stuff from an obscure little hair store inside of a Chinese mall, Pacific Mall, here in Toronto. I can't even tell u the name of the store b/c it is in Chinese writing. I stumbled upon it completely by accident while shopping in that mall. My advice is to check hair salons for Perfecta Hair Mask and Leave-In or and ask a professional where she might be able to find it. Before I fell in love with this product I did use Miss Jessies Curly Pudding or Dickey's Kinky Curly creme to style. So many people ask me about my hair regimen and I'm reluctant to mention these two products because they are pricey and also require a fair bit of manipulation ( I like tings that are cheap and quick! But if you don't mind the money and time those could be the products.

For added shine for an event or fete or something, I use the amazingly affordable Eco Styler Protein styling gel (black tub). The last part of the 'recipe' is Eco-Styler Super Protein Styling Gel (the black one only...the clear one, I find, is too thick). I get this at any black hair care store. Very easy to find. And that's it! The whole process takes 15 to 20 minutes. Quick and easy! I love it.

My hair grows super fast so I have to go get it shaped up every couple of weeks.

Asha is ownin' it!
And she may be unto something too ...
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XOXO Asha!

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  1. WOW! I love the look. I too, sport a short style but I texturize a bit as my hair is not naturally curly. I do, however, have problems finding a gel that brings in my curls yet,leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny. Can you recommend something that I can try?

    You're doing a great job with your blog. Keep it up!