TRIBE 2010: Online Payments

Finally, I got a response since the TRIBE 2010 Registration Horror. 

"TRIBE will be sending all of our registered masqueraders an email providing them a date when secure online payments can be made. We will also be posting this date on our website. Please stay posted to our website for any further updates."

Photo Source: TRIBE

... And in other carnival news: 

Carnival Nationz Miami's website will be LIVE tomorrow, August 27.  There's been a theme name change from Caribana 2009 "In Full Bloom - Fruits & Flowers" to "Exotic Garden - The Glow of Love."

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  1. I got the same response two weeks ago after my card did not go through and the server said decline... Right now Im just sqeezing my ass hoping and praying that I am still registered even though no payment has been made.