Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009 REPLAY & MUSIC

If you missed the sexiest show on television ... click here for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009 REPLAY

I look forward to the music also.  Click here for the Music from the VS 2009 Fashion Show.  

... And though I'm a huge fan of Victoria's Secret, it would be nice to see some more diversity with their models. 'Cause we're ALL a Victoria's Secret kind of woman!  Here are some comments from my friends on Facebook, during the show:

Tiffany: "u know, i love the glitz and glamour of the Victoria's Secret Fashion show, BUT i just realized that although they are all beautiful, all the models(except for the Islandlista) look the same...hmmm"

Saucy: "would love to see a bald Victoria Secrets model or one rocking an Afro on the runway... blonde clones *yawn*"

Generally though, we were happy with the feathers, the metallics, the bling and the lace! 

... And wasn't Fergie (BEP) killin it?

I see lots of crunches and squats in my future!

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  1. This year's VS show disappointed me somewhat! I was expecting more feathery contraptions! I lovedddd the rhinestone embellished bras though!

    I agree, they need a variety in their models. Everyone, with the exception of Selita and Chanel Iman, looked like the 'typical' thin, blonde model.