Hosieree.com - Hosiery Discount!

Generally I prefer not to wear stockings, discussed in my previous post, "The Great Debate: Stockings," but it was interesting to hear different opinions on the matter, including those from male readers.  

Anyway, in the past, I have ordered stockings, "Brazil 15" No-Waist Band Pantyhose," from Hosieree.com. From my experience their hosiery range in color, size and do not run like other brands. 

If you're still hunting for the perfect carnival  hosiery, for a smoother more polished look, Hosieree.com is offering Sweet 7 fans a 10% promotion discount on ALL regular & sale priced items.  Free standard shipping offer is valid for orders of $65 after discount is applied.

Promotion sale begins from 12AM (EST) on 01/04/10 until 11:59PM (EST) on 01/08/10.

Use Promo Code: WP011210SW


  1. Hi, thanks for the link! I'll give this a try just because of the no-run/barely-run factor. Unfortunately the Brazil 15 does not carry my skin tone but I'll keep looking through the rest of the site for something. Thanks again.

  2. Oh my! I'm going to order a pair and see how they fit! I've been looking for the right stockings for awhile.I've tried Capezio, Hanes, Danskin and Micles tights! So far, only Micles tights are to my liking...though they ripped on both Carnival Monday and Tuesday!

    I tried going without stockings for Labor Day and let naked! I know it's silly, but the stockings give me a sense of coverage...even if it's a thin, sheer layer!