A Stewart Family Tradition Remixed 2010!

As a child, my brother and I would awake by six on Christmas morning to a huge plastic bag-like stocking filled with lil' toys and candy which was delivered by Santa over night while we were fast asleep. 

Another enjoyable part of waking early on christmas morning was a house with colorful balloons dotting the floors from our bed to the christmas tree in the living room. My dad would play with us, as we kicked and threw the once quiet balloons on the floor, now afloat and mid air through out the house. We'd even blow bubbles. Mom would be in the kitchen preparing the first festive meal of eggnog and sliced ham, or black pudding (blood sausages) and toast. Only to settle minutes later, to open our gifts.  *Thinking, this remains the worst camera moments in memory and still remains the worst. Hair in every direction, not made up, nighties when I was younger to whatever I slept in from the night before when older, I don't do PJs! I promise to spoil myself to some Victoria's Secret pink gear this year for the very occasion! LOL!* 

Over the years, the tradition has remained in our family. As we got older, and Santa no longer was our reality, neither were toys, the stocking stuffers changed.  The stockings items now became little cheap items that we could use.  Basically dollar store items or drugstore items. Cotton comes to mind!  LOL!  Now our parents also had stockings of their own too.   So everyone in the family participated.

This christmas, we're spending it in Vermont (not in my childhood home in St.Lucia where christmas holidays are about warm, sunny weather and beaches.  I've even seen Santa water skiing!) ... and the stocking tradition has slightly been tweaked. I am kind of disgruntled over the size of modern-day stockings, just too small.  Since some items are just way too big for the lil' stockings, I've decided to wrap and label those bigger items and place them under the tree. Wow, you should see the tree with just my gifts. Since this is a first, I've already completed, wrapped, placed and sorted my christmas and stocking gifts.  *Big Grin*  

What makes this old Stewart tradition different this year ...  I once again have the role of being Santa to my lil' one. (which reminds me, two years ago my hubby and I got padlocked in some friends' house, due to us playing games and drinking tequila one christmas eve. Gosh, we made it home in time for our Santa duties, even if daybreak and hungover! LOL.)  Anyway this year, her stocking won't come from Santa, like when my bother and I were children. She will have to see it get filled over the next 20 days.  Say a prayer for me.  'Cause it's going to be hard to keep her away from it.  The plan is to let her find her gifts from Santa under the tree on christmas morning!  So I have not released my full artillery yet ... gifts from Santa!  

Also this year, an additional stocking has been added to the mantle ...  my childhood friend and friend to the blog, Lisa has one too.  I can't wait to see her on christmas morning.  Oh and believe me, I've informed her about her role on filling stockings.  LOL!

May you find joy in the little things this holiday season!

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