What Tattoo Describes Your Personality Quiz

So far, I've got 3 tattoos. I got my first of a 'SUN' when I was nineteen and in college in Miami. On my left shoulder, the sun represented bright days and smiling faces to follow me for the rest of my days. I am most energized on sunny days, for some reason rainy days suck the life out of me. My father nearly died when he saw that first one.    
My second and third were both done in Phuket, Thailand.  Last year for my birthday, I got another of a  'SCORPION' on my lower hip. Later, I noticed it was also my initials (N.F.S-F). When my dad saw the second, he just shook his head.   

So I prepared my dad by telling him that I was going to get a third and forth tattoo for my birthday, this past November. My third is the number '7'. Far more brave, I wanted the third in a more visible spot. Once again, I realized it had a double meaning. Depending on how I position my wrist it also is the letter 'A'. The first initial of my daughter, Ava - Sol's name. I got distracted by what exactly my forth should have been and decided against it but I certainly know where it shall be tattooed.

After taking this lil' quiz, my results were: A Feather.
"You will have alot of charity, dream, and hope coming your way. You are able to be who you are and not care what anyone thinks and that's why everyone wants to be around you. So don't change!"

As soon as I got that result, I thought 'WOW'. I happened to see a feather tattoo on a girl's neck when boarding the bus for the plane to Phuket this year and thought, what an interesting tattoo. Being a free spirit and all, "I'm like a bird!" were my exact thoughts! A feather certainly absolutely best describes me. So my next tattoo shall be a feather!

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