How To Become a Star Style Blogger

I'm sometimes asked for blogging tips, and I honestly can't respond. Other than, I just started this blog 'cause of the fear of leaving home after having my daughter and still having the desire to shop. So I decided I'd online window shop and share my suggestions.  The Sweet 7 from its inception has been seven things which I find 'sweet'. Fascinated with and my love of fashion, carnival, makeup, travel, humor, arts & culture and music too makes it easy to share here. Also the fact that I am from a small island, I've used this blog to tell others about St.Lucia.  Not forgetting my many roles and traits, I am a 30 something, mother, wife and more who still sees herself as sexy, empowered, passionate, who understands having to balance it all, including money. Nowadays, The Sweet 7 has become my gift to my daughter when I am long dead and gone.  I want her to know the woman I was.  That she can be all things and have it all, doing whatever makes her happy!  

The Sweet 7 was a way to socialize after a 9 month hiatus from my Hi5 days where I kept an online journal, which friends and random strangers were totally amused by. My Hi5 online journal was all about my UNCUT daily experiences with people, even random people. If I came in to contact with an individual more frequently, that person then became some named character in my journal. One comes to mind, 'Blackberry Patch' (I cringe). It was during that time, random strangers told me their most intimate secrets, from a partner not wanting to tell his partner that he was dying of AIDS (I cried) to a young lady who spoke of a one night sexual encounter which landed her in the emergency room soon after (I laughed).  *Shaking my head*  *I need to dig up those old journals*  

After my daughter's birth, and my return to online social networking, Facebook was kicking up. Unlike Hi5, Facebook introduced photo albums and I wanted privacy. I am less likely to accept random friend requests cause of the personal and numerous pictures, I post. Yet, thanks to this blog ... some random blogging friends have blossomed into friendships. 'Though I admit, I question the sincerity of friend requests most times.

All in all ... it's so worth it, and I enjoy it!

So when I came across this diagram, I figured I must share, 
in fact I need to follow it myself.

Source: Refinery29

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