The Vice Guide to EveryThing

Slightly restless tonight, after watching my usual reality shows, I stumbled upon "The Vice Guide to EveryThing" on MTV at 11pm. As a world traveler this show is right up my alley. I admire their fearlessness, as they disprove the rhetoric which exists due to mass media.

About The Vice Guide To Everything:
Over the past year, "The Vice Guide to Everything" stars Ryan Duffy, Thomas Morton and Shane Smith have spent quality time with Yemeni rebels, Palestinian car thieves and Russian mobsters ... to name just a few. And they did it basically because no one else will.

"Well, I think journalism has changed ... there was a time we actually believed what the news told us," Smith, co-founder of Vice, the magazine and burgeoning media conglomerate that proudly goes places others won't (both literally and physically), told MTV News. "And I think after the last two wars, where mainstream media was completely co-opted by the government and, in its own admission, failed in what it was supposed to do, that young people got totally disenfranchised ... and because mainstream news media failed its job, people like us had to come and fill the vacuum."

And on Monday (December 6) at 11 p.m. ET, Smith and his cohorts will begin fighting that good fight on MTV, with the premiere of "The Vice Guide to Everything," a 30-minute, wholly irreverent, oft eye-opening look at people and places that the mainstream media wouldn't dare cover, let alone spend time with. Armed with only cameras, the occasional translator and the odd "fixer" (basically a local hired to ensure they're not killed) these three went there, and came back with some incredible stories. -

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