Carnival Boots Inspiration

You've probably registered for a carnival costume and need ideas to decorate at least your carnival boots. I was inspired by my friend, Meli who decorated her own boots with fabric for Barbados Cropover 2011. She jumped with Power by Four in the section Night Octopus. 

Here are Meli's decorating tips: 

"Girl these were gold boots from last year and this year ... I got cloth from Joann Fabrics and decorated myself.  I had the picture of the Night Octopus costume on my phone. I went looking for a solid colored fabric to compliment the costume but then came across this green patterned fabric. 

From there, I looked for the fringe to match the patterned cloth. I got a Disney character fringe to put around the boots. To complete the entire look, I bought some feathered earrings for US$1.49.  I used the spray glue to cover  and decorate the boots. 

I just wanted to be different. I never tried decorating my boots with cloth before and I figured let me try it to see the outcome. It even held up pretty good despite the rain."  And might I add .... from then Tropical Depression Emily, 'cause I was stuck in St.Lucia due to all that rain!

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  1. That's gorgeous!!!! It looks like it came with the costume!

    I had a bad-ish experience with boots *my first year* so I will not do it again instead I have decided to purchase metalic gold air max ... Nike hasn't let me down thus far!lol