Rainbow Warrior

Ahhh the colors of the TROPICS .... 

KT Auleta conjures equatorial extremes in her latest beauty film for NOWNESS, transforming model Delfine Bafort from dewy jungle innocent to fierce tribal warrior with the aid of celebrated NARS makeup artist Francelle Daly. Auleta’s vision was for the cosmetics to mimic the differing qualities of light in a day: soft and misty morning sunshine turning to hyper-real bright colors at noon, and a fade out to black when night falls. Referencing real-life body-painting traditions, Daly turned to Phyllis Galembo's Maske, a book on African and Caribbean carnival costumes, as well as to the work of Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock for their color blocking and brush strokes.


The Givenchy menswear Spring 2012 collection, which features tropical prints in fresh, bright colors printed kaleidoscopically onto crisp white and army green fabrics. 

Mise en scene 
A tropical jungle construct in studio C at Fast Ashleys, Brooklyn. Ferns, ginger lilies, heliconias and Bird of Paradise flowers were brought in from American Foliage in the Manhattan's plant district. 

Shoot time 
10am to 2am—mirroring the morning, noon and night concept of the film. 

Belgian model Delfine Bafort of Ford models—chosen for her bright blue eyes, dancer’s fluidity and acting credentials (last year she starred in Vincent Gallo’s Promises Written in Water). 

War paint 
Multicolored NARS eyeshadow pigments mixed with Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. For the last look, Shiseido Black Mask and Clay all over the body, red pigment mixed with clay on the hair and NARS Black Moon Eyeliner for the eyes. 

One nude thong from American Apparel. 

Special effects 
Misters, smoke machines and coconut oil. 

 “Jomo” by Hector and Nate, remixed with samples of tropical bird song.


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