Labor Day - KARMA Carnival Band Updates

KARMA Carnival Band’s portrayal of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” still has 2 sections available for registration, OZ and SILVER LINING for Labor Day,  in NYC.


All front lines are completely sold out.

Less than 5 female spots left in the section Silver Lining.

There are absolutely no more whole pieces left available.

Monokini options are running low in remaining sections.

Masqueraders who played with KARMA section, Chrysopolis (J4F) for St.Lucia Carnival 2011 are reminded that they must pay the $100 registration fee, if they intend to reuse their costume for Labor Day in KARMA.

Deadline for full payment was Saturday, August 20th.  All masqueraders with an outstanding balance are reminded that their costumes are now subject to being sold.

Friday, August 26th, KARMA unveils its section for MIAMI Carnival at the Natural Freaks band launch for its 2011 Miami portrayal, "Above The Atmosphere."

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