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I've been inspired to take care of my hair once again.  By letting the color treated hair grow out and with the hope never to add any sort of chemical texturizer to it again.  *Hmm, let's see how that goes!* 

... And in doing so, I've been watching alot of Youtube natural hair videos ... on hair care tips, hair regimens and transitioning, without having to do a big chop.  I seriously want to retain length ... but a healthy length.

This time around, I'm being suckered into believing that hair products I used before just aren't good enough for my mane.  So I am willing to try natural hair ingredients; shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, glycerin ...  and eliminating hair products with sulphate, etc.

A Youtuber mentioned iHerb.com where I was able to purchase tons of popular products and ingredients of naturals.  Enjoy this first time customer coupon: Save $5, use coupon code: FIG064

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