St.Lucia Political Shame ... Richard Frederick VISA Revocation

Well, well, well ... in less than 24 hours of Sunday night's on-air and livestream resignation of St.Lucia's Minister of Housing, Richard Frederick over the controversy of the revocation of both his United States diplomatic and travel visas,  have I been enlightened about my lil' island ... let's just say, just a bunch of shady and spineless politicians!

BTW: Who knew? Richard Frederick has his own site, "Richard The Worker." 

And by the time, St.Lucian Prime Minister, Stephenson King addressed the nation on Monday night about the Housing Minister, Richard Frederick's resignation over the VISA revocation issue, the PM left me baffled with his underwhelming less than 3 minute address.  He may have well said nothing, 'cause he said nothing! It was also so ironic and funny the source who posted the following response on Facebook, to King's speech:

vacuous [ˈvækjʊəs] 
1. containing nothing; empty 
2. bereft of ideas or intelligence; mindless 
3. characterized by or resulting from vacancy of mind 
4. indulging in no useful mental or physical activity 
5. Stephenson King
... And statuses updated to:
"We need a PM (Prime Minister) not a KING!"
"Another shitty address from the PM (Prime Minister) *Hands Over Eyes - Can't Watch*"

Chat room consensus ... "King is a liar" and "King had to know something!" 
LMAO ... but this is all serious!  

I was more aghast by journalist and "Hot Button Issue" talk show host, Timothy Poleon's reaction and response to callers, after the PM's address to the nation over the issue, a firm indication of his 'flambeau' - United Worker's Party (UWP) staunch and biased support. 

I on the other hand, just find it shameful and questionable as to why the US government would revoke a minister's visa.

I have always followed every US law to keep my various US statuses in order, from Tourist Visa, to Student Visa ( and I was a child then)  .... to my Green Card status, to my now US citizenship (and I'm an adult now) and I can't fathom being denied access to the United States, much less having my status revoked.

Yet, the attitudes of Richard Frederick, Prime Minister Stephenson King, talk show host Timothy Poleon and all those who support Frederick, all seem so callous.  Almost as if revocation of US visas both personal and diplomatic is not questionable.  

I'll be the first to say, I don't give a (expletive) about politics, particularly St.Lucian politics but my goodness, I don't want any minister to represent me who cannot travel or for whatever the reason is not in good standing with, to of all countries, the United States. And this is/was not a matter of heading to a US Embassy (like so many others), and being denied a US Visa by some US immigration officer. In Richard Frederick's case, the United States has REVOKED HIS VISAS, BOTH!  SMH.  What example does Richard Frederick set and because of this how will this affect St.Lucians trying to obtain a visa in the future?

And the arguments seem petty. I really don't care if the US does not explain why they have done so, or when they originally did so, or who they may have or have not told so.  The issue is ... they have done so!  ... And it's troubling to me, "what would make the US do so?"  Aren't you curious? I am.

And for that, the excuses and run around, from Frederick, to King, to Poleon discredits each. Richard Frederick ... looks like a crook. Stephenson King ... looks like a joke. Timothy Poleon ... looks blissfully ignorant!  

So moving right along ... when Richard Frederick addressed St.Lucians and resigned on Sunday night, he did say in his speech, “Little did they know the evil that men do in dark will one day be wikileaked." Well, thanks to Richard Frederick's VISA revocations and his usage of the now verb, I have since discovered that Frederick was WIKILEAKED from 2006:


... And this is how it starts,

"Summary: The by-election held March 13 to fill a vacant seat in the St. Lucia Parliament was won by an individual suspected of drug trafficking. Richard Frederick, who ran for the seat as an independent, is currently under investigation by U.S. and St. Lucia law enforcement authorities for involvement in a trafficking operation that uses St. Lucia as a transshipment point for Colombian cocaine. How much is publicly known in St. Lucia about these allegations against Frederick is unclear at this time."

Not to mention, in Frederick's speech, he stated "... lawyers cleverly insinuated that I was a money launderer, a woman batterer, a thief, a criminal, an unscrupulous land speculator, a drug trafficker, among other ills. They even whispered that I was involved in a murder under investigation by Scotland Yard.”

I'm a firm believer ... "where there's smoke, there's a fire!"
... And if that was not enough of a shocker, 'cause never in a million years would I imagine St.Lucia would find itself, WIKILEAKED (and believe me, we pop up there quite a bit)! Then I find this June 29, 2011 article, "US State Department Publishes Damning Report on Corruption and Human Rights Practices in St.Lucia."

"Corruption continued to be viewed as serious and was widely discussed by the media, the business community, and opposition politicians. Observers expressed concern that the country was moving backwards in terms of transparency and accountability. There was also concern that some foreign assistance programs went through the specific offices of parliamentarians, providing the opportunity for graft. There was an increasing public perception that certain politicians were wielding undue influence over the law enforcement community to shield them from investigation for corrupt practices." 

READ ENTIRE SUMMARY: The United States State Department: 2010 Human Rights Report - SAINT LUCIA

My night got better, it's the investigator in me, I followed this recommended link "The Choiseul Powerhouse: The Place Where Choiseulians WorldWide Communicate Openly," from a stranger in a chat room. This site's popular posts section in the right hand column was alarming ... more Wikileaks information, to include articles on others, Rufus Bousquet (Bruce Tucker) expecting his 11th child to why Bousquet  should be banned from being a minister to a UN Funds Scandal. Oh, and Lenard 'Spider' Montoute, Rick Wayne, Timothy Poleon ... all got a mention.

And I thought  the STAR newspaper was "BRINGING THE TRUTH TO LIGHT" 
for "ALL OF THE LIGHTS," follow ... 


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