The Ultimate Guide to 2011’s Fashion’s Night Out

Thursday, September 8, 2011
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"What New York lacks in Mardi Gras it makes up for in Fashion's Night Out. Tomorrow (TODAY), for the third year in a row, the night meant to fight the recession by getting people out of their apartments and into stores will turn this city's retail landscape into a celebrity-and-booze-saturated amusement park for adults, where you might not get beads for boobs, but you're likely to get champagne and mini-burgers just for showing up somewhere. Since so much stuff is going on — involving so many celebrities, so many free drinks, and so much free food — you'll want a plan before you head into the madness, which is why we spent days going through every FNO event and putting together a guide to help you reach your personal FNO goals, whether you want to get drunk, get fed, or get photos with celebs for your Facebook page." - NY Mag

... And if you're not in NYC for the night, you can still get your shop on!

Plan your evening:

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