POWER SOCA 2012 MONARCH Competition
TONIGHT @ 8:30pm

List of Power Soca (Party Monarch) finalists ... and THE RESULTS
Soca Syco - Gallop 
Orion - Pretty Gyal Whine 
Ambi - Chanting 
Alpha - D Wetter D Better 
Superman Hd - Born to Mash Up 
Q-Pid - Release de Kraken 
J-Budz - More Bad 
Ilah Man - Mash Up 
Sir Lancelot - Do Anything 
Teddyson John - Gone Clear 
Sergie - Ah Drunk 
Yardie - Clock Sedale - Tear it Apart 
D’Sean - Born Brave

Defending Champion: Ricky T

Just have to mention, I saw Ricky T last night after his performance at Sexy in Black fete. He joined the crowd, no backstage style, no crew, just he and his girl. I'm assuming she's the same young lady he professed his love for at the Carnival Queen Show. LOL! Anyway he was dancing and enjoying the other performances, like the rest of us. Much respect. So I am a major Ricky T fan!

NEW CHAMPION: Superman HD - Born to Mash Up

2. Ambi 
3. Ricky T  

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