My 25 Picture Spring Chronicle

Last night, I explained why I have been missing in action. It's Summer and if you glance at my Spring pictures below, you'll probably understand why. So I figured it would be cool to share my pictures, especially since I've become quite the iPhone picture apps lover. Click on links for more info.
See my 25 pictures ... 

At the start of kindergarten, in Fall 2011 ... Ava-Sol could not read. Crazy to think in the final term before Summer 2012 ... not only can she read but she's reading to my son. Who saw that in the cards?  Haha. I didn't!

I love cats and my children do too!  ... And I teach them that the cats are just as much a part of the family.  I've even said, "She was here long before you!"  I have had this one for 10 years.

We're at that stage ... solid food time!

What's a warm day without ice cream?  
*Laughing* ... I have so many pictures of ice cream since then!

Spring days ... rainy days,
Even while standing at the bus stop!

Mommy's girl!

I just had to take a picture,
don't worry ... never ate him!

Memorial Weekend ... my friend came to visit. So this was my daughter's idea and my friend was very much the willing 'tea' participant. Mommy's wine glass was on the side! LOL!


So proud, since finding out I was pregnant with my son, I have not texturized my hair at all. No touch ups.  ... And loving it!

 Great big sister, and he knows it!

 So with Spring cleaning ... also inspired to work on a few home projects here and there! Every lady should get her own identifiable tool kit and use it!

Main goal ... to frame and hang my daughter's art
... And to find a way to display my numerous carnival headpieces!

Outfit that day ... even it had a smiley face!
Necklace ... a thrift store find.

Even at 5 months ... respect and love!

Ballet rehearsal ... tiny dancers!

First summer read ... enjoyed, unto my next!
Goal to read 5 books.

Snack time.

A very berry breakfast!

... And I love fortune cookies. 
I've packed ... only shoes left!

So I may share my Vermont pictures later. Those are outdoorsy.
Even went picking ... don't know why I had not done it sooner!
Interested in what else I've been up to ... Rock Cakes and Bridal Veil.

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