Caribbean Wives of South Florida

These wives are holding up mangoes. LOL!

The Concept: 

The Caribbean Wives (CWSF) was produced by Maxine Tulloch to feature Caribbean Wives living in South Florida and across the states, raising families, balancing marriage, career/business, living the American Dream with a cultural difference trying to fit in. 

The Pilot: 

The high point in this pilot was the combustion of personalities based on culture as the women interacted and socialized in various settings. For Caribbean people, its their education, where they live, what they drive, while at the same time adapting much of the American culture and lifestyle, bringing some level of satisfaction and perspective to what they consider achievement. Thus proving to themselves and everyone, that they belong here like anyone else; that they too can be included with the rich, famous, prominent, successful American women.

See trailer below ... 

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  1. Must say I don't see this as a plus for Caribbean Ladies. As usual we want to follow everything from mainstream america. Even the bad. Why nuh ?!