TriniGourmet’s London Calling!

Sarina is the founder of the award-winning, highly acclaimed (and a personal favorite) Caribbean food blog  and host of "Sweet Han': Caribbean Cooking with Sarina."

Her helps food lovers around the world add a dash of Caribbean Glam to their tables with "Sweet Han' Fuh So!" Since 2006 she has used the power of the Internet to spread awareness of authentic Trinidadian and Caribbean dishes. In seeking to preserve and elevate visual depictions of the region's culinary heritage enabling thousands throughout the diaspora to recreate fond childhood memories. She has also introduced just as many (if not more) to a cuisine that still remains largely under promoted and increasingly vulnerable to dilution and misrepresentation. 

After 4 years of unsuccessful pitches to government and corporate entities, the Trinidadian food blogger Sarina is turning to the public, launching a 30 day crowd-funding campaign in the hopes of raising $6000 USD to become the first Trinidadian / Caribbean blogger to attend London's Food Blogger Connect 2014.

"International interest in Trinidadian food has never been higher, with recent profiles in the New York Times, culinary magazines and cooking shows. Food Blogger Connect is the world's leading food blogger conference. Attending will enable us to make critical networking connections with thought leaders and industry experts in foreign markets" says Sarina.

"Sarina has shown us that our beloved Trini cuisine can compete with the haute cuisine of the world; that we are a “glam”, gourmet brand in our own right. I think that TriniGourmet is doing pioneering work, in this regard" - Jessie-May Ventour, veteran Trinidadian radio and television personality.

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