Barbadian Juliette Maughan, Member of the Commonwealth Observer Group for Tanzania’s elections

The last few days, I have been on an emotional roller coaster.  Overwhelmed by the havoc caused by Hurricane Tomas, on my island of St.Lucia.  Hurt, shocked and disappointed by the response of the Trinidad & Tobago Prime Minister and some of her citizens, in our time of need. I shall not forget! Even yesterday, I voted in the crucial US 2010 Midterm elections, only to have another bomb drop, the Republicans have taken control of the House.  *SHAKING MY HEAD IN A FRENZY* This just can't be real!

So despite my solemn reality, this morning's news about a fellow Barbadian friend reminds me that life still goes on and one can make a difference in the lives of others, Juliette Maughan is a member of the Commonwealth Observer Group for Tanzania’s elections.

"Barbados-born Juliette Maughan is one of 15 experienced people who make up the Commonwealth team, which are observing the General Elections in Tanzania.

Ms Maughan brings a wealth of experience to the Commonwealth Observer Group, having worked in research, operations and logistics management for both government and non-governmental organisations." - Continue here.

Juliette Maughan states, "Involvement of youth in electoral observation mission is essential. It has done wonders for my own understanding of democracy and the role of elections in good governance."

Here are a few pictures from Juliette's Tanzania album, 'Asante Tanzania Nakupenda Sana.' "Some images from Tanzania, mostly Bukoba but a few from Dar es Salaam. It is true what they say... it is one beautiful place."

Congrats Juliette, I may board the next flight to Tanzania to join you!  

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