St.Lucia Flash Flooding Today: THE HAPPY & THE SAD!

I saw this video 'A man swimming in the flood by RBC' (Royal Bank Of Canada) in the city of Castries, from a Facebook friend, and shook my head, "this poor guy's gone crazy! LOL." My friend commented, "Man, even in tough times, you need a good sense of humour.. Sa pour" Her friends commented, "No No No. I am sorry. That one had me choking on my chocolate pudding. Boy only in the islands wee. Aybere bon" and another said, "Michael Phelps touch down"

... but once again, we are reminded of how fragile our lives all are.  Here one minute, gone the next! "Police have confirmed that a nine-year-old boy drowned at Rock Hall at 10:15 this morning following the Tropical Wave on the island." Photos of the flooding in St. Lucia today, November 18.
Source: Arnold Henry Autobiography's Photos
R.I.P little soul!

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