'FILLERS' - WetSeal Discount!

Sweet 7 Tip: We can all do with what I call, 'FILLERS,' in our wardrobe.  Fillers I refer to as items that can add to any outfit, and they are meant to be rather cheap! Be smart ... think of accessories you can add to your collection, think of lil' outfits for your next trip or summer next year. Think of the current Fall season what might work over this holiday season. Think about clothes to knock about in, for everyday activities like going to the movies, etc!  The best part ... no one has to know what it really costs you! LOL! .. And in my case, I still feel like million, even if I paid under $5 for an item!

I don't usually do this but this is an alert! WetSeal is offering an additional 40% off clearance* online only on prices ending in $0.99.  Discount ends today!

Here are a few items I would use to fill my wardrobe, ain't too shabby, huh?

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