Trinidad & Tobago NO FREE HELP!

I'm appalled by the response of Trinidad & Tobago's female Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar to the islands hit by Hurricane Tomas. Basically before Trinidad offers any aid, we have to scratch their back. SHAMEFUL! People cannot be so effin INHUMANE!  What has happened to mankind?

... And to add insult to injury, SMALL ISLAND PEOPLE make certain to read the comments made by some Trinis!  Leave yours too! 
As someone who loves Trinidad, its people and supported its economy over the last 7 or so years, by visiting every carnival, it was not until today, I realized Trinidad has so many ignorant people. My heart breaks but with my island pride, I don't want your effin money, neither have we begged for it, keep it. Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar should have rallied the people of Trinidad & Tobago, all of you into service to assist fellow Caribbean people in dire need due to a natural disaster.  Instead, you'll act as if we're asking for effin cash handouts.  My people need AID; food, water, clothes, basic necessities. ... And God I pray, I do not say F..K Trinidad if you were to fall to the same fate. I mean how can people have no heart, souls and be so selfish! I tell you ... I pray you all do not live to regret that.  Like one friend said "Kamla, Kamla, Kamla ... KARMA, KARMA, KARMA"
Another friend said, "The rest of the leaders from the region should take day, it might be Trinidad's turn to ask for help. How'd they feel if we brought out the receipt book?"


  1. it really upsets me as a trini to know that that was the response given by our so called leader at a time like this. Right now we should be offering aid, not selling a service. As a Caribbean neighbour, we shouldn't think twice about helping out. What is this world coming to. *smh*