The Breast feeding Primer Checklist to Prepare for Breast Feeding Success

OMG ... Breast feeding after my daughter was born was extremely hard for me. After 20 hours in labor, by the time she entered this world at 11:55pm, she and I both were fatigued.  She was rushed to the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) at the Vermont Children's Hospital at Fletcher Allen, due to swallowing her meconium.

So in the first few days of her life, she was fed by bottled milk and this also was my introduction to the breast pump. Who knew nipples could stretch at least 2 inches before my eyes and squirt like that, in all directions.

Every time I attempted to breast feed, it was just so stressful, especially with the pressures of being a first time mom. I simply had no clue! ... And nothing more annoying when little young nurses walk in, telling you what it is you're doing, is wrong. My conversation would go like this,  "Do you have children?" "NO." ... And I'd space out and think to myself, "Umm, well shut (bleep) up! Preach to me when you do it," as this newbie, third addition to my life was chomping down on my sore nipples. OUCH.

Yet, the desire to breast feed was there, so I decided to get breast feeding support from the local La Leche League. It truly did help and I was able to bond with my lil'one! Ohh, her lil warm skin and closed eyes. So pure. By a few weeks, I called myself 'her very own personal cow' ... but in 2010, with the recent birth of my friend's second baby, she calls them, 'McTatas,' a cross between the fast food chain, McDonalds and tits! I told her I'd steal her term. LOL!

A month after my daughter's birth, there was a big hoorah at the Burlington Airport 'cause a Delta flight attendant kicked a young mother off the plane for breast feeding. Well the nurturing, green, tree hugger, hippies, health conscious, human rights - mothers of Vermont did not take too kindly and sat out on the floors of the Burlington Airport, in front of the Delta Airlines counter, with their lil' ones in tow, wrapped in swaths of cloth, attached to their bellies like African babies, doing none other than breast feeding. WOMAN POWER. ... And it was from this lil' occurrence, I perfected the art of breast feeding in public, discreetly ... on many a plane there after and all! Read some of my suggestions in "Airports, Planes and Baby."

So after all my ramblings this was the reason I started. I discovered this article "Exclusive: The Breast Advice You Ever Got - Breastfeeding Primer Checklist to Prepare for Breastfeeding Success!" Tons of information; a checklist to prepare for your journey towards breastfeeding success, Breastfeeding and the Law and nursing bra information.

BTW ... I quickly returned to my Victoria's Secret bras, simply in Size 34 Double Ds!

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