Stranded in St. Lucia; fliers blame AA

"Though flights are resuming, many resorts are operating and the first cruise ships called again in St. Lucia Sunday, officials on the popular Caribbean island are struggling to clean up mudslides, restore all power and supply fresh drinking water to residents. The Saint Lucia Tourist Board says about two thirds of attractions are open.

But United Kingdom citizen Graham Hatch, just returned from St. Lucia, posting on Facebook's St. Lucia hurricane disaster relief page just now: says he is "disgusted by the lack of coverage this disaster has received in the UK. At least 21 people have died and many more have been affected by landslides and are now struggling with clean water etc. ... We were stuck for 8 days after the hurricane and have to say that the guys working in our hotel (Almond Smugglers' Cove) were absolutely amazing. I cannot not praise them enough."

Those are not the words being used by more than two dozen stranded AA travelers, many of whom have contacted me because they were stranded on the island for days after the hurricane hit the weekend of Oct. 30 and say they could not get American Airlines to come get them, even though other carriers were arriving to carry away stranded vacationers. Many ended up having to pay $1,000 each to Air Canada to fly them out, and many were then billed full fare by American to get them home from Toronto. They are now fighting for refunds by dealing with the airline, filing trip insurance claims, writing the Better Business Bureau.

I can't tell their stories as well as they can, so here are just a few excerpts ..." Read more: Stranded in St. Lucia; fliers blame AA

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