Recent Updates & Sentiments Since Hurricane Tomas

Here is info, I've gathered from family and friends on Facebook since Hurricane Tomas:

My mom:
"Ny, Things are bad. Massive land slides, many roads gone. Soufriere unreachable by road only by sea. Barre de l'isle impassable, eastern side - road gone. Whole communities lost to landslides, we have no idea of deaths because no communication. Sulphur Springs Road gone. A hotel in Soufriere collapsed. No current for most communities so cell phone use is at a minimum, folks cannot top up or charge. We in Gros Islet are LUCKY.

We are listening to HTS radio, Helen 100. This is the only radio on air now so you can listen to the trauma for yourself. Holiday today, but Hardware stores and are supermarkets are open up north, again we are OK life returning to normal here.

Fire in Marchand last night, must be from candles, three houses I understand.

People missing - 1 family missing in Bouton, Soufriere where a portion of the hill came down. Fond St Jaques, Soufriere also serious land slide, man called to say people dead there, but all hearsay so cant confirm. Listen to the radio for updates."

A friend in Europe:
"It is disgusting that after such a major disaster in St. Lucia there is no official news from the Government or any other authourities on what is happening in St. Lucia. WHERE IS THE NEWS ON THIS DEVASTATION from websites such as SLASPA and GOSL? There is NO NEWS of this hurricane or the aftermath. Based on Hewannora website all flights are on time. UHHHHHHHHHHHHH THERE IS NO AIRPORT TO LAND AT. UNBELIEVABLE. FB now is the major communication site on this disaster."

Taken from a friend's FB page, from her friend in St.Lucia:
"Internet has been down, all commercial business are closed, schools are flooded or no roofs and town has looters. Do you think anyone wants to update their websites, HTS and Helen 100 have been keeping us posted constantly with statements and updates, tune in there to hear what happening. Power is back in most places, but damage to the dam is severe so no idea when water will return. Don't believe all you hear on FB either, not all true. South of island, utilities trying really fast to get to them. The stadium is up and running for hospital, Augier and other places have power now. There are people every where trying to assist persons who need help. Those overseas don't get the ground level info but if u trying to get here, forget it until weekend at earliest."

A friend in NYC:
"Ok got word from a friend in Canada that SLU was aired on the news and Canda is sending help! Helllloooo USA, what about you'll, I ain't hearing anything yet!!"

I am slightly annoyed by HTS 100 Helen radio personailites ... a lil too jovial and callous, no humility!

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