Makeup Tutorials - TRIBE Blue Sections

I've been making an effort to feature makeup tutorials for Trinidad Carnival sections, so far for TRIBE and Island People Mas. So today, my friend Andra emails me, "By the way baby.. try yuh (your) best and post makeup tips for my section ... Blue Tanager !! lol"

I already had a tutorial in mind, "Inspired by the Pussycat Dolls, Black w/Glitter Intro!" by QueenofBlendingMUA, but then I found "I got the Blues" by Petrilude, and a few others.

So the tutorials below are suitable for all TRIBE's (and basically any other) BLUE sections. Simply find shades of blue that will work with your costumes.  Compliment with (or only use) black and silver.  
Blue Tanager - Andra's section
Spangled Continga - my section
I love this I got the Blues.. tutorial because of the bright blues, funky background music and the bubbly young man, Petrilude who does the tutorial. What's also helpful is that he lists the websites where the makeup products can be purchased.

Here are other tutorials 
(from light to dark blues or silver & black)
Inspired by the Pussycat Dolls, Black w/Glitter Intro!

Photos: TRIBE

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