Carnival Shape Up Alternatives!

Vermont gyms are mailing their Fall schedules. One class has caught my attention, Zumba. Sounds hot and sexy! Then last week I watched Vh1's "Brooke Knows Best", WATCH HERE: Episode 9 "Strip to be Fit"

The season for eating is near (Thanksgiving & then Christmas) and not long after is Trinidad Carnival. So a bit aroused by these sex-cercise alternatives. I thought this would be a perfect post. Maybe you're like me, in need of a lil motivation and excitement!

Learn to move your waist, hip action & pelvic thrusts.  
Working out and learning some additional moves.
You can't go wrong!

Can't afford a gym membership, or don't have child care, or maybe the class does not suit your schedule ... simply buy the dvds and work out in the comfort of your home. Hey, that's how I've been most comfortable getting into shape ... at home!

Zumba fuses hypnotic latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic workout system. Find a class in the USA or visit your local gym.

Pole Fit

Chair Dance

Tahitian Hip Hop combines the art form of Tahitian dance with hip hop moves.

Belly Dance Weightloss

Previous Sweet 7 Post: Siham Sana Belly Dance Instructor & Performer

Siham Sana Belly Dance Class
8 week course EC$250 
This class will offer an inspiring and uplifting 
introduction to belly dancing
and instruction in the use of finger cymbals
Starts October 15
Wednesdays @ 7PM
1 hour Class
Kevala Studio
Rodney Bay Village, Gros Islet, St.Lucia
*If you wish to register for this class, bring a deposit of EC$50 to the studio to reserve your place asap. Please place deposits in an envelope with your name and contact number and email address. And please state which class you will be attending.

If you're still not in the mood, 
maybe my playlist 
will get you worked up!

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