Miami Carnival Fetes ... Broward too!

Sweet 7 readers have asked me to feature Miami &/or Broward Carnival.  Since I no longer live in South Florida, I really was not comfortable suggesting any thing. Anyway I came up with this idea instead to ask my friends in Florida, both Carnival and Fete Lovers to tell me the ONE, even TWO fetes/events they will not miss this Miami Carnival Season and why they would suggest that fete.

Thank you to my friends who responded and a special thanks to Jason who was quite entertaining. LOL! As he had to find the right soca to play in the background to come up with the informative email that he sent about Miami Carnival 2008 fetes.

Here are Jason's picks and all his crazy chat. LOL!
Yes, Jason is representin'. He is from Dominica!
"Ok. I Just put on my soca CD let me see if I can get in the mood.

Raise Yuh hand and let me see, Who go be in Miami
Raise Yuh hand and let me see, Who go be in Miami,

**This is for the people that already live in Florida, and can't wait until next month to start the party.**

Jouvert to carnival.... I MUST GET A WOMAN TO COME AND WINE UP ON MEH!!!!

Dj. White Wine's Official Carnival Schedule."


Saturday, September 27, 2008
Gen X Semi-Annual Jouvert All Inclusive
"PAINT, MUD, WATER, POWDER, DRINKS - Oh my gosh. This is the party to start off all parties. Free drinks all night long. Jouvert isn't just paint, mud, and water! What is Jouvert without a truck, nothing, so around 3:30 am they will bring out a truck and everyone chips down the road behind the truck as the sun comes up real jouvert style. Anyone that has ever been to MAS before knows this is the true only way to start a Carnival Season." - Jason

Thursday, October 9th, 2008
Girl Power
"This is for the people that not go reach, or don't have the stamina to start the month before. - Come see the artists Thursday night before they are tired from performing or rushing through their songs just so they can go perform at another party the same night. I have learned the hard way not to go to the big soca shows on Friday and Saturday night. The artistes come late, sing two songs, and leave cause they either tired or have to go sing at 10 other parties before the night is done. This has a nice crowd of people at this party. Everyone just reach Miami on vacation and trying to start off the weekend proper." - Jason

"I would say for the Thursday, Girl Power but dat venue iffy for me this year...dat place hot is normally good vibes though." - Melissa M.

Friday, October 10th, 2008
"The best party in all of Miami, maybe even the United States. This is an all inclusive fete. I'm not talking about Red International in St. Lucia that go run out of drinks or any other fete that does only give you one drink at a time. Or the kind of fete that has a 10 foot bar for free drinks and all the other bars you have to pay. They had a 150 foot bar last year of free drinks. They giving you 2,3,4, however many you can hold at a time. I am not involved with this party but I will put my own name out there that I guarantee this bar can not buss.

Approximate size of party: 2000 people.
Artists/DJ: Mostly DJ music, however Patrice Roberts, Zan, Shal Marshal, Farmer Nappy the entire HD crew will be there.
Food: Available for purchase
Perks: Received free shots when we walked in the door last year.
Indoor section and outdoor section.

You don't hear this party advertised because people that know already go. If you have ever been, guarantee you will go back and bring your friends next time. So they don't advertise it anymore cause they have the word of mouth already.

As you can see this is by far the one fete I look forward to all year, anywhere in the world." - Jason

"I agree with Jason. The Scruples annual Block O is THE BEST!! I highly recommend it. The vibe is always good." - Alisha

"Yeah, Block-O is a definite each year! Always a good lime, even in the rain!" - Meiling

"I had to search for a new soca song to listen to while I write up this next fete.
"You can bring it in a bottle, you can bring it in a flask, 

Friday, October 10th, 2008
Jouvert/ Block Party International Flag Night
"Friday is the International Flag nite, featuring our own Ricky T and Teddyson you know Lucians must represent!" - Melissa M

"I have heard the International Flag nite on Friday is a good fete. But you saw my views on seeing all the artists in one night. They seem to never perform as well as they do individually (Also I have seen, or will see them all again somewhere else for the year). I like my free drinks, cause I always spend too much at the bar." - Jason

"International Flag night is good except the crowd can get a little rough, but if you're into real wildness, it might be for you! I usually go and check it out after Block-O is done because it goes on until the morning!" - Meiling

Saturday, October 11th 2008
Generation X Cooler Fete
"10pm til "we nah going home til the morning come" Gen X has the biggest, baddest, maddest Carnival Band in Miami Carnival. So they will be sound testing their truck and getting ready until they hit the road the next morning. I may just bring my costume in my car and chip behind the truck from Bayside to the start of Miami Carnival.

Are you tired of going to a fete and they advertise "Top Shelf" and you reach and all they have is Albertson's and Publix rum. They tell you Johnny Walker go be there and you expecting JW Black and Blue, and only getting JW Red. Well not at this fete because you bring your own drinks.

I tired of cussing (cursing) bartenders for making me a weak drink after I done stand in line and next thing I know some one bounce me and spill my drink. Well not to worry cause at this cooler fete you can just open your cooler and make a next drink.

Word of advice. However many bottles of alcohol you think you need, double it. However many mixers and chases you think you need, cut that in half. Bring plenty ice." - Jason

"Last time I went Girl Power, it wasn't very good, so I will definitely be going to Tribe Ignite Miami fete because it was great last year, and the new venue is going to be great!" - Meiling

Saturday, October 11th 2008
University (UWI) Fete
"UWI fete is highly, highly overpriced, but if I got a free ticket, I'd be there, too!" - Meiling

...And below is Jason's Plan for the Big Day! Go look for Jason. LOL!

Sunday, October 12th 2008
24th Annual Miami Carnival 2008
Time: After I shower from the night before until (9am - 11pm)

Cost: Free in the road, $20 to get in the park afterwards

Location: Ends in BICENTENNIAL PARK, Miami. Starts down de road. Listen for the music.

Bunji Garlin (2008 Soca Monarch), Faye Ann Lyons (2008 Road March Queen), Shurwayne Winchester (Groovy Soca Monarch), Asylum Band, Gailann, Che'Nelle (I Fell In Love w a DJ), Skinny Fabulous (St. Vincent Soca Monarch), Crossovah, Wen D' (London Soca Monarch), DJs from MIAMI - Dorenzo, Eternal Vibes, Gary Enforcement, Giselle D' Wassi One, House Arrest, Maestro, Mixx 96 Crew, Soca Tech, Super C, and Tidal Wave Sound; from NEW YORK - Back to Basics, Fess, Natural Freaks, Rhythm International and Xtreme Productionz; from ORLANDO - Crown Prince and Tha Vibz; from ATLANTA - Ibis International, Jaspa, Stephen, Tony Tempo. Miami and Orlando Steelbands. Plus all the carnival Bands.

Come see the masqueraders in the street. Jump up and get on bad. Join them in Bicentennial Park for their "last lap" before the stage. Then enjoy the food and drink on sale while the performers take you into the night. - Jason

Miami Carnival vs Broward Carnival
"Broward Carnival is really picking up each year. They say Miami is Trini carnival, and Broward is the rest of the Caribbean carnival. However each year its in a new location and I believe there should only be one carnival on a day. So I have to support the original (even though Broward is probably starting to pass it in popularity). Don't forget Jabba Strikes back Sunday Night at Bongo's. Also was a nice wind down fete." - Jason

"And although you say Miami Carnival, there is also Broward Carnival on the Sunday that I have heard is a good little vibe for those getting tired of Miami." - Melissa M.

"I heard Broward Carnival has been real good for the last two years, so I'm jumping up in Broward this year!" - Meiling

All of us Lucians, 
except Jason (L-Dominican) & my hubby (R-Hispanic American)
Caribana 2008, CarnivalNationz

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  1. Great post!!! I have to agree with Meiling on the Block-O fete... By far my FAVOURITE party for Miami Carnival!! And definately will be heading to the TRIBE Ignite party...what is better than soca in de sand?!?!?!?!