Amy Winehouse in St.Lucia Again This Christmas - TOPLESS!

The "Rehab" singer, Amy Winehouse shocked guests as she pranced around naked on her balcony and took a dip in the ocean topless in St.Lucia over the past 2 days. Amy flew to St.Lucia last Wednesday with a couple of girlfriends for two weeks rest and recuperation. Click here for video: Amy Winehouse Dancing Naked on her balcony in St.Lucia & Pictures of Amy Topless in St.Lucia.

She has even flown out her god daughter Dionne Bromfield and her mum to St Lucia to join her for a festive blow out. Amy, 25, forked out for the pair to travel first class. She then spent a small fortune treating the party to a holiday booze cruise on the 'Scuba Diva' boat.

Inside scoop .. Amy's in a studio here too!

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