More Pantene Choices

Honestly, I hate shampooing but I love conditioner, particularly my "brown bottle" Pantene. I had to go look for a bottle, to get the accurate name "Pantene Pro-V Relaxed and Natural for Women of Color." When I buy conditioner, most times I walk out the store with 4 bottles, as long as I can find it on the shelf!

So my mom emails me, "Ny, I just got this and thought you would love to see the site. It is a very comprehensive one and the girls, Kimberly & Rose have your hair type. Ck it out."

Just with a few days till I cut my hair, in what I call the "Rihanna" LOL! I find out that Pantene has 2 lines for my hair type.

Pantene found women across the country who use and love Pantene products. They know that Pantene understands the uniqueness of African-American hair and has products designed to help make hair healthy and you get the great looks you desire. Meet these women and learn how they achieve their styles - Healthy Makes it Happen with Pantene Pro-V

So now Pantene offers 4 lines for Women of Color
Relaxed & Natural
Beautiful Lengths
Nature Fusion

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